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Work Permit for your Malaysian Worker to start work quickly

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Malaysian Workers with SPM STPM SAP GCE Full Sec 4 School Cert can apply for a WP at lower levy . No S$5000 bond required. Contact Steve 65-98365486

A temporary permit allows the worker to work in Singapore almost immediately but it does not cover the legal stay of the worker which is subjected to the period of stay under existing SIR regulations. A Malaysian worker can be authorised in writing by the employer to collect or cancel his/her work permit.  Service Sector companies are not allowed to recruit Non Traditional Source workers (except Town Councils) .  Malaysia is one of the Approved source countries besides Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea & Taiwan.  The service sector dependency ceiling quota is 50% of the company's total workforce (sum of local workers, SPass holders & WP Holders) based on the company's most recent 3 month's average figure as per cpf record. Examples of service sector companies are:

Financial, insurance, real estate and business services
Transport, storage and communications services
Commerce (retails and wholesale trade)
Community, social and personal services
Hotels, restaurants, coffee shops & other food establishments
Despatch and delivery services
Hair dressing & beauty shops

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