Employment Pass Express Clinical Tests Medical Check  Up Examination for EP as required by MOM. 
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S Pass & EP Q1 Medical Form
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ICA / MOM Health Screening Info

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The MOM EP Pre Printed Medical Form must be used


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  1. Applicants for Work Passes or for renewal of Work Passes are required to undergo a medical examination, which includes a general physical medical examination, a chest x-ray and a test for the AIDS-causing Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).
  2. Since 1 March 2000, the medical examination requirement is extended to foreigners who applied and obtained in-principle approval for employment passes of six months’ duration or more, long-term immigration passes e.g. EP, DEP, LTVP,  and Permanent Residence (PR).
  3. Those applicants who are found to have active Tuberculosis or HIV infection will not be granted employment passes, long-term visit passes or PR.
  4. Applicants who have been granted in-principle approval will be informed and given a copy of the prescribed MOM medical examination form. They are required to bring along the medical examination form when they visit a registered general practitioner in Singapore for the medical examination. In the case of P1 & P2 EP holders although a self declaration of fitness is sufficient for getting the EP Work Pass it would be prudent to have a prior medical report to support the self declaration because if the declarant was actually TB or HIV positive an offence of making a false declaration on an official document would have been committed.
  5. Upon receipt of the medical fitness report from the general practitioner, the applicant should submit in person to Work Pass Division of MOM or Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) the original medical report together with the in-principle approval letter. Issuance of the Work Permit, S Pass, Employment Pass, Student pass, LTVP immigration passes or SPR will be subject to the outcome of the medical report.
  6. The medical report should not be issued more than 3 months from the submission date of your application or renewal. (The above requirement is not applicable to Pass applicants who are below 15 years old.)

Call or sms Steve at 65-98365486 or email filmo.com@gmail.com to help arrange for a quick Medical Examination + Lab Report . The medical or lab test will be done in accordance with the prescribed requirements as stated in the pre-printed mom medical form or MOM IPA Letter. The fee payable is a package fee, including where application the Xray or Blood Tests or both. The fee for full normal Medical to MOM requirement is S$80 (result in about 4 working weekdays days)  For Urgent next day Express Service the medical exam should be done 0900am-12pm or 2-4pm on weekdays for the Medical Report to be ready next working day at about 12-3pm or 3-5pm at a cost of S$98 in cash payment. If you can only come between 4-5pm please make special arrangement with us. For extremely Urgent same day medical exam with the medical report ready on the same day we can only accept appointments during weekdays between 0800 - 0830 am for the report to be ready by about 5pm on same day @ cost of $150. A single official Receipt for cash payment made will be issued by FILMO only. The whole process usually takes about 15-45 minutes. After you have your prior appointment please come to FILMO @ 1 Sophia Road, unit 01-44 Peace Centre, S228149 and remember to bring your passport, medical form & the MOM In principle Approval Letter & cash payment. The Medical Report would only be released on time if there are no Medical issues with the Blood test or Xray.