Graduation Gowns Rental or Sale in Singapore @ FILMO 1 Sophia Rd 01-44 Peace Centre S228149 
Contact 98365486 | 81622621 (by Appointment only)
We do not have specific Un
iversity Gowns

Academic attire, Graduation Gowns (Toga) for Hire. Adult sizes only (S/M/L/XL) . Generic Standard Black Gown +  Black Mortar Board and  Tassels  & Standard  Black Hood with "V " shape Colour Stripe 

For a single Graduation attire set rental for photo shoot, costume party, stage / movie production, social function, etc the individual single set attire rental is S$80 each + $80 Security Deposit each set. The rental is S$50 each set + a Refundable security deposit of S$80 each set for orders of 10 or more sets

The "V" Shape Stripe Hood Colours are Yellow, Green, Orange, Copper, Blue & Red. Tassel Colours are Black, White, Yellow, Green, Orange, Copper, Blue & Red.

If you wish to own a set of Graduation Gowns please check pricing with us. The renter or purchaser  is responsible for the appropriate use of the items concerned.

Tassel Colours : Red Blue Black Orange Green
 White Copper Yellow

Master Degree Graduation Gown 
@ S$150 rental + S$150 deposit.

 Copper Hood & Tassel    

Green Hood & Tassel

Yellow Hood & Tassel

Red Hood & Tassel

Copper Hood & Tassel